Crimson Classics: 1986 Alabama vs. Notre Dame

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This One’s For the Bear – 1986 Notre Dame Throughout the wonderful history of college football, the University of Alabama has one scores of big games but the Tide has lost a few too! However, no defeat seems to get under the skin of Alabama coaches, players and fans like the losses to Notre Dame. Four games and four heartbreaking defeats, including two for national titles. The year 1986 brought hope to Tide fans. Hope that the Crimson Tide of 1986 was about to start a new tradition in the football capitol of the south. Years of frustration were about to turn a golden Saturday afternoon into a Crimson Classic. While you relive one of Alabama’s greatest victories, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action as Crimson Tide legends talk about one of the great plays in Crimson Tide history. Using the Museum’s vast archives, this DVD includes recently restored footage that hasn’t been viewed in twenty years.
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